Union Centre, Canada’s most connected office tower, amidst the Toronto skyline.
SkyWalk, which houses the Union-Pearson Express terminal, connects Union Centre to Union Station and Rogers Centre. The view from Front Street West, in front of Union Station and adjacent to Union Centre.
A bustling public space leads to the building’s York Street entrance. The landmark public plaza, adjacent to SkyWalk, is lively and welcoming.
The building’s unique and dramatic lobby.
  • 1 Raised access flooring system
  • 2 Pressurized underfloor plenum supplies fresh air
  • 3 Relocatable diffusers provide individual control
  • 4 Flush grille perimeter heating
  • 5 Underfloor power, voice and data distribution
  • 6 IP addressable lighting
  • 7 Occupancy and daylighting control
  • 8 11’ floor-to-ceiling glass
  • 9 Expressed structure open ceiling
Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood a perimeter boardroom.
The prominent Simcoe Street entrance offers easy access to the city’s finest amenities. Union Centre links directly to 151 Front Street West, Canada’s premier telecommunications hub.
The Skyroom, on the building’s top floor, is a gathering place that offers stunning views. A view of Union Centre, as seen from the Gardiner Expressway, which is south of the building.
The view from Union Centre, facing southwest, northeast, northwest and southeast.